3 Simple & Effective Steps For 

Watering Trees and Shrubs in the Elmhurst Area

Why is proper watering so important?

Plants that get off to a good start in the first 12 months are 95% more likely to survive and thrive long term.

75% plants that die within 12 months of planting do so from improper watering (too much or too little).

90% of plants that die within 12 months of planting do so due to lack of care in the first 3 months.

How to water

Place a hose at the base of your plant and turn the water on to a slow trickle.  The water should disappear into the soil and not run off.

How much water

• 20 minutes or more for a tree over 10 feet tall.

•15 minutes for a tree or shrub 6 – 10 feet tall.

• 10 minutes for a tree or shrub 3 – 6 feet tall.

• 5 minutes for a tree or shrub 3 feet tall.

How often to water

• Every day in week 1

•Every other day in week 2

• Every 3 days in weeks 3 and 4

• Once a week for the rest of the season and in the summer of the following season

Pro Tips

– Skip the watering only if you get more than 2 hours of steady rain on that scheduled watering day.

– If your plant begins to lose leaves or if the color begins to fade call a professional.

– Water more frequently if it is very hot and dry for several days.

– Plants can differ greatly in the amount of water they need, this method will be effective for most plants but many varieties may need significantly more or less water it is always helpful to discuss your plant selections with a professional.

– Need more help or information? Call American Gardens.




How to water.

How much to water

How often to water

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