How To Deal With



In Your Chicago Yard

It is the time of the year when you, as a homeowner, may need to deal with fallen leaves. For some, fallen leaves can be a real eyesore. Aside from the mess they create, there’s also the work of sorting out what to do with them. Whatever your issue with fallen leaves is, we have a few suggestions to help clear your landscape of them.

Get A Good Rake

Leaving leaves (see what we did there?)  on your grass can lead to a variety of issues. Piles of leaves can cause suffocation, leading to mold and sunlight deprivation, hindering photosynthesis. Invest in a fairly wide rake  for a cost-effective solution to relocate leaves and maintain a healthy lawn.


Use A Leaf Blower


If you prefer an easier approach to leaf cleanup, a leaf blower is a valuable tool. Despite a higher cost, it saves time  and effort.

Here are some pro tips for effective use:

• Work with the wind's direction    for efficiency.

• Divide leaves into smaller piles to    prevent scattering.

• Angle the nozzle downward to    concentrate air pressure and minimize    debris dispersal.

Use Your Leaves


Leaves can actually be really beneficial to your garden. Here are a few simple ways to get the most out of your leaves. 

Mulch: Use leaves as mulch to  suppress weeds, retain moisture,  and insulate plants.

Soil Enrichment: Incorporate fallen leaves into your soil to attract earthworms and enrich it.

Compost: Consider leaves as "brown waste" in compost; blend them with "green waste" like grass clippings,  vegetable scraps, or spent  flowers. Shredding leaves  beforehand is advisable  in all cases.

Check your gutters

Ensure clean, leaf-free gutters for a trouble-free home. Clogged gutters risk water leaks, ceiling damage, and foundation issues. Remove leaves by hand and use a hose to clear remaining debris. Install gutter covers or spikes to prevent future leaf buildup while allowing water to flow freely.


If you’ve tried the above (or maybe you lack the daylight hours to), it might be time to call in the landscaping experts. The team at American Gardens are happy to organize a landscaping maintenance schedule that works in with your household’s needs, as well as the needs of the season.