Sustainable Landscaping Ideas


Sustainable landscaping isn’t  just a buzzword, it’s a way of incorporating sustainable practices and designs into  your landscape.

Here are a few ideas to consider if you’re looking to have a sustainable landscape.

Dealing with the rain

In general, rain is good for the yard. It provides all the plants and grass with the needed water for growth.


Here is how to deal with the rain sustainably:

1. Rain Gardens - they filter and slow down rainwater pouring off roofs, across lawns, and paving.your landscape.

2. Rain Harvesting Tanks & Systems  -  rain collection tanks are great for capturing water from rooftops and storing it  for use either for a water feature  or irrigation.


Permeable paving is a sustainable landscaping option because it allows rainwater to permeate through the surface, reducing the amount of runoff that enters storm sewers and ultimately reducing the risk of flooding.


Here are some of the other benefits of permeable paving:

1. Some systems can take up to 11 inches of rainwater per hour.

2. They can help recharge  groundwater aquifers.

3. They allow vegetation to  grow through the surface,  which helps to improve  the overall health of the  ecosystem nearby.


When creating a sustainable landscape,  it is important to choose plants that are  well-suited to the local climate and  soil conditions. It’s also important to  use plants that are not invasive and do  not displace native species.


Some good options to consider include  the following.

1. Trees Such As Oak And Maple for providing shade and habitat  for wildlife

2. Berry Bushes And Fruit Trees for providing food for wildlife  and humans

3. Grasses And Wildflowers for improving air quality and reducing erosion

4. Succulents And Cacti for their drought-tolerance and  low maintenance

5. Rain Gardens Or Swales which can help to capture and filter stormwater runoff

Hardscaping with eco-friendly or local materials

Part of sustainability is using  high-quality local suppliers for products  for your landscape. Local means less  shipping-related costs to you and  our environment. Aside from this,  you’ll want to look for materials that are  either built to last or if they do break down, they won’t negatively affect the soil  or environment.


LED lighting

LED lighting provides ambient lighting  at a 75% reduction in energy use for longer, compared to conventional low-voltage  halogen bulbs. LED landscape lighting is the ultimate sustainable solution – attractive, and cost-effective with little or no maintenance  all while utilizing little energy!


If you are looking at getting any of the previous solutions installed, we'd be happy to turn your environmentally friendly vision into reality. Whether it is weekly maintenance, colorful annuals for a party, or a spruce-up for a special occasion, we’re here to care for your garden and lawn for years to come. Here at American Gardens we develop your custom maintenance plan, schedule appropriate services, and assign an Account Manager to your property.