Want to get your plants looking  their best? Consider implementing pruning practices! Doing this will help to keep your plants form, keep them healthy and get them growing in the right direction. Like with all plants, it’s a good idea to start when they’re younger and develop a good structure as they grow.  Doing this extra bit of landscaping maintenance will really add a visual pop!

Continue reading to find out the best tips for pruning your garden!


– Broken branches – Branches that look like they’re dying – Branches that are crossing and rubbing  each other – Branches that are growing upward inside the plant

Things To Look For  When It Comes  To Pruning

Step back and look at the structure of the plant to see how you want to shape it and decide what you think looks most aesthetically pleasing.


Remember to think carefully about how you want to shape each plant. You can always prune more but you can't put it back!

Consider The  Overall Shape

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