TipS for Your  Landscape This spring

The beginning of spring often marks the start of some warmer weather. This is a crucial time to do some maintenance to make sure your landscape shines not only this season, but for more to come!

Continue reading to find out the best spring landscaping tips!

Start you spring cleaning by looking for broken or damaged branches that could be pruned. It can also be beneficial to fertilize these plants before putting mulch down.

Inspect & Fertilize Your Shrubs & Trees

Spring is a great time to use a weed preventer for weeds like crab grass.  One way to tell when a good time to apply weed preventer is to look for  when forsythia are in full bloom!

Take Control  Of Weeds

Adding an inch-thick layer of mulch  can help protect roots from the sun  and retain moisture.

Add A Layer Of  Fresh Mulch

Test your soil to better understand whether your lawn needs fertilized  this spring. Testing your soil can help determine which nutrients your lawn  is lacking and then you can choose a fertilizer that supplies those nutrients.

Fertilize Your Lawn

American Gardens can help  you with your landscaping needs.  Your landscape is a collaborative, creative process that begins by discussing the central goals of  your project. We assess and address the challenges and opportunities  your property presents and use our  team of architects, designers and horticulturalists to create a design that reflects your tastes and your lifestyle.