Landscaping Trends

As 2023 begins it is time to  start planning for your dream landscape! Check out some of the trends that have been growing in popularity and what you can expect to see more of throughout this year!

In past years it has been popular  to find non-native plants to add interest to a landscape; however, often these plants do not survive in different conditions. Native plants can last season after season and  are more sustainable!

Incorporate  Native Plants

Garden ponds are another way to create interest, and they also help increase the value of your home.  This is a feature that will stand out year round and provide a peaceful space in your landscape!

Add A  Garden Pond

Recently a maximalist style has been growing in popularity for landscapes!  Try adding a mix of bold colors, textures and volume! This also goes for adding an abundance of plants  as well!

Consider A Maximalist Style

With the rise in smart technology, consider adding this useful tool to your landscape. It can be used in a variety of ways from controlling lights to your irrigation system!

Utilize  Smart Technology

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