Winter can seem like a difficult  season to have nice landscaping due  to the weather. However, American Gardens is here to help you get the landscape of your dreams no matter the season. Keep reading to learn a few tips on how to make your yard beautiful  this winter!

Winter Landscaping

Needled Evergreens Provide Year  Round Greenery

Needled evergreens can help bring  some color to your landscape in  the winter. These trees keep their  bright green needles throughout the winter and can help give a more  lively appearance.


Plants With  Fruits Can Add  More Color

Some winter plants produce fruits that can add colors that pop! Some of these plants include Viburnum, Coral Berry and Winter King Hawthorn.


Unique Tree Bark Adds Interest

Trees that offer a unique bark are a  great way to add some texture to  your landscape. Look for trees with exfoliating bark or larger spots as  they add more dimension to your  winter landscape.


Add Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses are another  great way to include more color  and texture into your landscape.  These plants introduce tans and neutral tones that contrast well  with evergreens.


Plant Witch Hazel To Incorporate Flowers

Witch Hazel is a plant you can include  in your landscape that will provide flowers in the winter. The bright  yellow flowers will last through late  into the winter.


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