Landscaping Ideas To Try This Winter

You may not think so, but winter is the perfect time to try out some new landscaping design ideas! If you’re looking for landscape ideas that will make your home more beautiful in the winter  keep reading!

Add A Water Feature  Or Fountain

A water feature will add not only visual appeal but also some soothing sounds that can be enjoyed all year round—not just during warmer weather when most people think about using them as an outdoor amenity.

Plant A Winter Vegetable Garden

One of the best ways to enjoy a garden is by planting a winter vegetable garden. It’s a good idea because you’ll be able to harvest your crops in the summer,  and they’re great for adding flavor a and color to indoor meals during the  cold months.

Install An All-Weather Deck Or Patio

If you already have a deck or patio,  you may want to consider adding an  all-weather option. You can still use  your existing space in the winter,  but it will be more enjoyable if you have a solid foundation for your furniture and other decorations. 

Add Outdoor Lighting

The right lighting can make your  the yard looks beautiful and inviting, even in the winter. Add lights around the perimeter of your yard, along trees and bushes, on the house and deck, on stairs, on the walkway to the shed  (if you have one), or fence.

Plant Winter Blooms

Winter blooms are plants that have been bred to have their flowers bloom during the colder months, extending the seasons in which they can thrive and look beautiful.

– Tulip

– Daffodil

– Crocus

– Viola

– Iris

Consider Adding Evergreens

Evergreens are a great choice for  winter landscaping. Evergreen trees, shrubs, and plants provide year-round interest and beauty to your landscape.

Whether it is weekly maintenance, colorful annuals for a party, or a spruce-up for a special occasion, we’re here to care for your garden and lawn for years to come. Here at American Gardens we develop your custom maintenance plan, schedule appropriate services, and assign an Account Manager to your property.