Top tips to improve your garden's soil this winter

With just a few simple steps this winter, you’ll be able to give your plants and landscape the best possible start when spring comes around again. 

It’s important that your soil has the  right balance of nutrients and pH levels otherwise things just won’t grow as well as they could. Soil testing kits are available at most garden centers,  and they’re easy to use.

Test Your Soil

Compost is a mixture of decaying organic matter, like leaves and  grass clippings. It’s great for  improving the soil in your garden because it provides nutrients  for plants and helps loosen  compacted dirt. 

Add Compost

Not only does it prevent soil erosion,  but it also facilitates a great  habitat for microorganisms to  grow which is great for the soil’s  nutrient ecosystem.

Plant A Cover Crop

You could also go with some  good-quality mulch. Mulches are  used as a weed suppressant and an insulating blanket to protect the soil from frost.

Use Mulch

Whether it is weekly maintenance, colorful annuals for a party, or a spruce-up for a special occasion, we’re here to care for your garden and lawn for years to come. Here at American Gardens we develop your custom maintenance plan, schedule appropriate services, and assign an Account Manager to your property.