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To Enhance Your



Keep reading for more insight on how to enhance your winter landscape

Make your landscape captivating in every season, including winter. Break free from the dullness that often accompanies the colder months. Embrace diverse winter landscaping ideas to ensure your yard remains vibrant and appealing, defying the typical monotony associated with  the season.


Needled Evergreens

– Eastern White Pine, spruce, and fir  trees, and dwarf versions offer various shades and textures.

– Valued for their year-round beauty, needled evergreens can add both texture and color to a drab winter landscape.


Broadleaf Evergreens

– We recommend some boxwoods, hollies, some forms of laurels,  and rhododendrons.

– They offer year-round greenery and bloom at various times, providing year-round interest and appeal.



– Nandina varieties are a great option since they retain a good fraction of their leaves or even hold their flowers later.

– These are plants that briefly  shed their foliage in winter but  rejuvenate quickly


Plants With Fruit

- Fruit bearing trees like Harvest Gold Crabapple and varieties of holly are a great option for adding color and creating a beautiful winter display

– Some winter landscaping plants  produce berries and other fruit that hangs on even in the winter.


Beautiful Bark

– Plants with exfoliating bark, such as  the Paperbark Maple, create a  unique look.

– Certain tree barks can add appeal to your winter landscape.

– Londonplane trees have colorful bark, adding texture and interest.


Witch Hazel

– Known as the "Queen of Winter,"  witch hazel boasts vibrant color and a pleasant citrus fragrance, brightening up winter landscapes.

– A winter-flowering plant may sound unusual, but it exists, and can help add that "wow" factor.


Ornamental Grasses

– Planted near evergreens, they create contrast and add movement.

– Ornamental grasses add texture and color like bronze, gold, and tan.

– A winter breeze can bring life and sound to a tranquil landscape.

Remember, while winter persists, appreciate the changing seasons;  your shrubs will endure. Embrace the beauty of winter and avoid adding extra snow weight to your plants, ensuring their survival through  the season. Still uneasy about the  chill of winter and your landscape? American Gardens is your single source for addressing all your landscape needs.