When creating a landscape that you love, the trendiest thing you can do is follow your own preferences and goals pertaining to your yard. However, paying attention to the latest landscaping trends can really provide some amazing inspiration! Today, we are sharing 7 must-follow landscaping trends for 2022.


Add Tropical Plants Lush plant with green and white stripes

      1. With travel restrictions sweeping across the globe over the last two years, many people were not venturing out of their hometowns. Although many of these travel restrictions have been lifted, the inclusion of tropical plants to landscaping continues to rise in popularity. Adding tropical plants to your own landscaping is a great way to bring some of those same “faraway” feelings right to the comfort of your own home. 
      2. Try planting some caladiums, also known as elephant’s ear, to add some showy foliage to your yard, or plant cannas for their jungle-like leaves and bright colors.


Shady patio with cat on tableBlur the Lines Between Indoors and Outdoors

      1. Many people are exploring the possibilities of “bringing the indoors out” and “bringing the outdoors in” when it comes to their landscaping. By hopping on to this trend, you will be able to extend your living space and make use of your entire property.
      2. To bring the outdoors into your home, try setting up a small herb garden in front of a sunny window, or use grow lights to bring plants into rooms that do not get natural light. To bring the indoors out, screen areas using tall shrubs to create a sense of enclosure, or add string lights, outdoor lamps, and lanterns.


Create a Garden for a Calmer Mind

      1. Did you know that gardens are good for your mental health? With more of a focus on mental well-being in today’s world, people are creating spaces to elicit a calming aura. 
      2. If you would like to create a calming environment for yourself, be more intentional about what elements you are adding to your landscaping. For example, if there is a plant that evokes fond memories of a loved one, be sure to add it to the garden. Include scented plants, or add the sound of water with a fountain. The trick is to pay attention to your own preferences to create a garden you love.


Maximize Balconies and PorchesSmall deck with potted plants

      1. In smaller spaces, people are getting creative with all of their gardening efforts. So, if your “landscaping” is limited to a small space such as a balcony or porch, this trend is for you! 
      2. To spruce up your space, invest in some large pots that can handle multiple plants. This will help you to maximize the space you do have. You’ll be surprised by how much you can actually do with a balcony or porch! If possible, hang pots from the roof of your space, or fasten the chicken wire to your railing in order to grow vines. 


Big ben garden ornament next to garden pathGarden for Wildlife

      1. Recently, gardeners are striving to make their gardens more wildlife-friendly. Rather than just placing a bird feeder in the middle of the yard and calling it a day, many people are being more intentional about everything they do in their gardens. For example, by using a more diverse mix of plants and building water features, like a pond, gardeners are giving wildlife more of an incentive to visit. 
      2. Attract more wildlife by replacing your lawn with different alternatives that do more to support pollinators, like bees, and promote overall soil health. 


Design with Dark Foliage

      1. Dark foliage has become increasingly popular with gardeners, but why? Plants with bright flowers or vibrant colors stand out on their own, but adding dark foliage really helps them pop. The contrast between the light and dark makes for a beautiful landscaping scene.


Foliage surrounding brick pathwayMagnify Color with Bicolor Plants

    1. The last landscaping trend on our list is the use of bicolor plants. People have been gravitating towards bicolor flowers, as they easily draw attention to themselves. 
    2. To make their colors pop, fill an entire bed with bicolor flowers, or mix and match with other flowers and foliage. You can get as creative as you would like. Bicolor flowers are perfect for giving your landscaping a special touch!


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