As we enter 2024, the Windy City will embrace a wave of transformative landscaping trends. Chicago Landscaping Trends are evolving, reflecting a shift towards sustainable practices, modern technologies, and a deep appreciation for the local environment. In this article, we will provide the upcoming trends in the landscaping scene that will shape outdoor spaces in homes and businesses across Chicago.

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Sustainability and Native Plants 

Chicago Landscaping Trends are leaning heavily towards sustainability, with native plants taking center stage in 2024. The Windy City is witnessing a surge in the popularity of using plants indigenous to the region. Homeowners and landscapers alike recognize the manifold benefits of incorporating native flora. These plants naturally adapt to the local climate, requiring less water and maintenance while fostering biodiversity.


In embracing native plants, Chicagoans are creating beautiful landscapes and contributing to the preservation of the local ecosystem. These plants attract native pollinators, supporting the environment’s health and enhancing the landscape’s overall resilience.


Drought Tolerant Landscaping 

Given Chicago’s notorious reputation for unpredictable weather patterns, Chicago Landscaping Trends in 2024 strongly emphasizes drought-tolerant landscaping. The importance of water conservation is driving a shift towards plant varieties and landscaping techniques that can withstand periods of limited rainfall.


In the coming year, the landscaping trends will center on preserving water, highlighting drought-resistant plants like the Black-Eyed Susan, which happens to be one of the best plants for Illinois landscapes. This vibrant flower requires minimal water and adapts well to the city’s unpredictable weather. Paired with innovative techniques such as rain gardens and permeable paving, these practices reduce runoff and enhance the sustainability of Chicago’s landscapes.


Outdoor Living Spaces 

The desire for outdoor living spaces in Chicago homes is growing. More and more homeowners are realizing the benefit of having fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and comfy seating. Now, families and friends can gather outside comfortably, enjoying the city’s fresh air and beautiful views. This shift towards outdoor living spaces enhances the residents’ quality of life and adds a touch of sophistication to the city’s overall aesthetic.

Fire pit in backyard living area

Vertical Gardens 

An exciting and innovative addition to Chicago Landscaping Trends in 2024 is the concept of vertical gardens. With limited horizontal space in urban environments, Chicagoans turn to vertical solutions to bring greenery into their surroundings. Vertical gardens utilize walls and structures to host an array of plants, transforming the concrete jungle into a lush and vibrant urban landscape.


Smart Landscaping Technology

Smart Landscaping Technology is revolutionizing gardening with features like smart irrigation systems and lighting. These innovations bring efficiency and convenience to outdoor spaces. Smart irrigation adapts to weather conditions, providing optimal water levels for plants. At the same time, automated lighting enhances ambiance and conserves energy. These technologies streamline maintenance, saving time and resources while promoting sustainable practices. 


Seasonal Planting

Seasonal planting in Chicago is crucial due to the city’s unpredictable climate; for instance, below-zero temperatures and heavy snowfall can stress shrubs, making them appear unhealthy. Planning for the city’s distinct seasons ensures your garden thrives. Recognizing the impact of unpredictable weather allows for proactive measures, ensuring your landscape remains resilient and vibrant year-round.

Planting plants and flowers

Strategic planting is key to achieving colorful and vibrant gardens throughout the year. Opting for plants native to the region is a wise choice, as they are more adaptable to Chicago’s variable climate. Planning the sequence of plant blooms in each season ensures a continuous display of colors while adjusting your lawn care routine enhances the vibrancy of your garden.¬†


Hiring Professional Landscapers

Navigating the intricate world of landscaping trends can be daunting, which is why trusting the expertise of professional landscapers is a growing trend in Chicago Landscaping Trends. Local professionals possess an in-depth understanding of the region’s unique conditions, ensuring that landscaping projects thrive despite the challenges the Windy City poses.


Homeowners stepping into landscaping projects should carefully select professionals familiar with the specific demands of Chicago’s climate and geography. One tip is to review their portfolio thoroughly. This collection of past projects showcases their expertise and capabilities. Assessing their portfolio offers valuable insights into their design style and the range of services they provide, helping you make an informed decision for your landscaping project.¬†


End Note 

In 2024, Chicago Landscaping Trends will emphasize sustainability, technology, and resilience for outdoor spaces. Homeowners can boost their landscapes with native plants, innovative technology, and strategic planting, offering beauty and efficiency in the city’s unpredictable climate. However, tackling these tasks can be challenging. Hiring a professional with expertise in Chicago’s unique conditions is crucial for successful and resilient landscaping projects.


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