Sod or Seed Lawns

Are you tired of looking at that bare spot in your yard?  Are you looking to reestablish a healthy lawn you can maintain, after years of neglect?  Here are some basic pros and cons to help you choose whether you should sod or seed your lawn.



  1. Instant gratificationSodded lawn
  2. Initially denser turf
  3. Walkable within 2-4 weeks
  4. Decreased weed seed intrusion
  5. Provided water is available, can be installed at any time during the year


  1. High Cost
  2. Can’t customize the seed blend
  3. Won’t thrive in shade
  4. Initially distinct delineation between old turf and new turf
  5. Grass roots may struggle to establish



Handful of grass seed pouring onto bald spot in lawnPros

  1. Low Cost
  2. Customizable seed blends
  3. Can be grown in shade
  4. Blends with existing turf better
  5. Less time consuming to install


  1. Requires more attention
  2. Risk of erosion/washout
  3. Higher potential for weed seed infiltration (especially in spring)
  4. Longer time to fully establish
  5. Optimal growing months are limited by weather


So should you choose sod or seed?

If you have the time and attention to invest in a seeded lawn; long term, we feel seeding produces a healthier, lusher turf. If you have a dog or children who need to get outside and out of your hair, then roll out some sod, water it and get those animals and offspring back out there! Keep in mind, it is a lot of back breaking work, so if you’re looking for the greatest chance of succes, reach out and set up a consultation with us!